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[21 Jul 2009|11:35am]



A community to review gay adult videos.

Undies... [12 Jun 2009|05:01pm]

I don't know that I've ever posted here before. So here I am, joining in on the fun. :)

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[31 Mar 2009|10:28am]
 if you like what you see i could add you to my personal journal. 

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[19 Mar 2009|09:35pm]
 mom's undies. m/22

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Thought I'd post one... [08 Dec 2008|09:41pm]
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[03 Oct 2008|12:47pm]
i changed my yahoo

its now

add me, i have a pic on my main journal, feel free to check it and add me. :)


[18 Sep 2008|03:07pm]
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[13 Aug 2008|06:44am]

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hello [30 May 2008|02:31pm]

[ mood | curious ]

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CELEBRATING FREEDOM AND FUN! [14 May 2007|08:10pm]

Attention guys in the New York/New Jersey Area! A new club is forming for young guys wanting to make some new friends under the sun! Please pass this on!

"Nude Jersey Boyz" is a group that includes all shapes and sizes. Come as you are: gay/bi/straight. We will have weekly get togethers at the Nude Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook (Atlantic Highlands). We will have carpools to get down there, as well as drinks and theme days. You do NOT have to go nude!

Expect a MySpace group up sometime next week. For more information you can add me as a friend or shoot me a myspace message:


first time [06 Apr 2007|02:02pm]

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My strings and hardon [15 Mar 2007|02:30pm]

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introduction [21 Feb 2007|07:09pm]
[ mood | horny ]

i'm new to this community too, and thought i should post something to say "hi"! hope you enjoy it:

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undies [21 Feb 2007|08:01pm]

Just joined and wanted to say hi.
Sorry for not having a hardon in this one.
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cross posted on behalf of wisenboi [04 Jan 2007|11:46pm]

the guy's smart enough to post something the lot of us fuckers should read up on :). too much hot cock to lose cuz of photobucket. neways read on..

As many of you may or may not know, Photobucket is not the best photo hosting page to hold your non-G rated material. Paid account or not they will find the material, ban your account and that'll be the end of it (and black-mark your credit card if it was a paid account; I (wisenboi) had this happen to me a few years ago). If you have paid account on LJ (I'm not sure about the Plus account) then use the LJ Scrapbook photo hosting that you will have as a result of it ( I believe). If not, then you have a few hosting options:

- Flickr
- Chipszone
- Photoamp/Photojerk
- Imageshack
- any others I didn't post here (if so, please comment and I'll update this entry accordingly)

Some other ideas can be found in this Slashdot thread:

the same suggestions for a real image host can be found in the previous posts requesting the same information, in this same community.... just look back through the previous posts or have Google search LJ for you:

Please, please switch from photobucket to any of the above links, they don't have a problem with XXX personal photos! Please post this to the other communities I'm not a part of currently!

thank you

-a loyal viewer of this community, and his penis :)
-forwarded by a guy who appreciates the cock bein' shown on here & other comms :D
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I was thinking about you... (NSFW boy parts.) [22 Dec 2006|04:23pm]



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[19 Dec 2006|04:43pm]

anyone know of any good websites with cute briefs for guys?

thanks in advance.
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Hot firemen! [13 Oct 2006|01:59am]

So you have a fetish for sexy firefighters? Join hot_firemen! The only LJ community completely devoted to gay firefighter porn. Thanks for reading, and see you there!

[07 Sep 2006|11:34pm]

[ mood | horny as fuck... ]

Just thought I'd share... the last time I posted here was about 2 years ago while I was in China. (wow, that was SOOO long ago) :)


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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[11 Aug 2006|04:19pm]

This is my first post of my pictures on the internet. be nice! add me if you want! comment on my personal LJ and I'll add you back!

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