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It was difficult to keep under wraps that day!
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nice bulge there, bigguy. :)
I'm not really very big, pretty average. But my piece is pretty, I think ;-) I'm happy you like the bulge...
I'm not the biggest guy out there either, but I like what I've got, so does my boy. You show it off well, even if it is hiding under your whities. ;)

Here's somethin in return. :)

I've never posted to this community... but I'm thinking it'd be kidna fun. *grin* Maybe I'll use you as my inspiration to post some time.
Hey thanks for the return picture, nice to see that. I like the look of those big balls. Please take no offense, though, when I admit that I am more turned on by a hairy look. Guess I'm into bears...
Love a man in a uniform. Hot. Got any more??
woof. very nice!
thanks, fuzzy! it makes me feel good to get these comments, and it might encourage me to do some more posting.