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On literal interpretation....

"I have been reading many arguments, pro and con, concerning gay marriages.
The people who write the letters against gay marriages normally base their arguments on Christian beliefs. I have a real problem with this, because Christians are not following the Bible to the letter. If they were we'd see lots of changes. For one thing, a lot of the churches would empty out pretty quickly.
Many churches use wine during Communion services. In the Old Testament, there's a verse which states that anyone who consumes wine in the tabernacle shall be put to death. "This shall be a covenant forever."
Young males will virtually be wiped out. Does anyone have a son who has neglected to clean up his room, do his homework when he was told, or practice his music lesson? Get your rocks ready. Your son is supposed to die by stoning, according to the Old Testament.
Our shellfish market will have to come to an end. The Old Testament says we're not supposed to eat them. We can, however, eat locusts. Anyone have any recipes to share?
I could provide the chapter and verse for the above, but I won't. I'd like the curious to look for themselves and see what else they can find that would make this world a pretty ugly place if we all obeyed the Bible exactly.
By the way, I'm a Buddhist. Buddhists believe that the purpose of life is to be happy. Part of being happy involves having loving relationships. We do not specify that these relationships be between members of the opposite sex."

Jody Harnish, Everett
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